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Jeff Rense Radio Show Pack 4

Jeff Rense Radio Archives hold over 24 YEARS of Jeff’s Programs, all commercial-free! There are over 20,000 guests, often brilliant people for you to listen to.

The Rense Archives are often referred to as the world’s greatest radio Archive of conversations with over 20,000 often fascinating people.

The Rense Archives have been praised as the most vital collection of knowledge and information on the internet. There is NOTHING like them!

A collection of 56k MP3's Jeff Rense Radio Archives

Episodes included in this pack:
01-30-15 - Charlotte Iserbyt & Anita Hoge - Stop The Communization Of America Through Education
02-02-15 - From Australia - Dr. Joseph Chiappalone - The End Time
02-02-15 - From Hong Kong - Yoichi Shimatsu - Fukushima Report
02-03-15 - Frank Joseph - The Turning Points Of WW2
02-04-15 - HR2 - Charlotte Iserbyt & Anita Hoge - Stop The Communization Of America Through Education
02-04-15 - HR3 - Charlotte Iserbyt & Anita Hoge - Stop The Communization Of America Through Education
02-05-15 - Andy Gause - Gold & The Economy
02-06-15 - HR2 - Charlotte Iserbyt & Anita Hoge - Stop The Communization Of America Through Education Part 3
02-10-15 - Devvy Kidd - America At The Abyss
02-11-15 - Jay Weidner - Sandy Hook Awakening
02-11-15 - Mike King - The TRUTH About WW2 The Bad War
02-18-15 - Devvy Kidd - America Over The Edge
03-09-15 - Jonathan Emord - America Under Dictatorship
03-16-15 - Charlotte Iserbyt - America…Dumber And Dumber
03-16-15 - Texe Marrs - Transformation Of Humanity
03-18-15 - Eileen Durfee - How To Make Your Garden Grow…With Ozonated Water
03-20-15 - HR1 - Harry Cooper - War And History
03-20-15 - HR2 - Harry Cooper - War And History
03-23-15 - Hesham Tillawi PhD - Mideast Israeli Hell
03-25-15 - Gordon Duff - Trailing ISIS To Tel Aviv
04-06-15 - HR1 - Richard Sauder - America Is Gone
04-06-15 - HR2 - Richard Sauder - America Is Gone
04-08-15 - Jay Weidner - A Conversation
04-08-15 - Jim Marrs - The View From Marrs
04-09-15 - David Duke - World Zionism
04-10-15 - Preston James - Israel's Addiction To Nuclear Blackmail & Terror


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  User comments    Sort newest first

by front1back
     on 2023-09-13 04:38:50
avatar Good reviews here.

I always prefer Galaxy RG rips especially for size and quality balance.
5 |
by Guest-1536
     on 2023-09-14 14:15:45
avatar Skip watched a bit and already those few bits show its plenty good enough to put aside for the family horror night
3 |
by Salinan :_male:
     on 2023-09-14 20:58:20
avatar i liked the selfishness and stupidity of the main character. very realistic and of this time. :_pacman
1 |
by Eimarmeni
     on 2023-09-16 18:56:01
avatar I don't know what kind of thriller /horror movies some of you watched in your life, to call this "one of the best" but you certainly never watched Rosemary's Baby or The Exorcist or the Omen or even the Poltergeist.  And if you did, can you imagine what all these were when they first came out? When no other movies like these existed? Now, THIS is original and scary and good, so you don't loose the measure. This one is a 3 out of 10 in IMDB and only because the girl who plays the sister is more likable as an obnoxious teen.
0 |
by kronickurves
     on 2023-09-12 09:50:45
avatar One of the best horror films I've seen in years

thrilling, gripping and has a brilliant story at its centre. Hihly recommend
0 |
by YoungBloodNY82 :_trusted_user: :_male: :_junkie: :_sun: :_turtle:
     on 2023-09-12 20:41:48
avatar Really enjoyed this! .... Talk to Me! Epic Horror Film! Quality was great too!Thanks Galaxy!!! :_B)
-1 |
by Guest-1702
     on 2023-09-11 18:30:22
avatar Thank you, awesome quality as always!
-1 |
by NocturnalAnimal
     on 2023-09-12 08:14:17
avatar wroth watching? 🤔
-2 |
by kronickurves
     on 2023-09-12 09:51:02
avatar yes
Liked by - YoungBloodNY82 :_trusted_user: :_male: :_junkie: :_sun: :_turtle:
by Guest-3598
     on 2023-09-12 04:48:24
avatar >Three tickets for me, my wife and my wife’s son for the newest A24-produced, genre-redefining, trope-subverting, atmospheric, dark and eerie, emotionally draining, gut wrenching, aesthetically heavy craft by post-horror auteur with an arthouse edge, dread-inducing, suspenseful build up with strong character development and gradual feeling of escalation, bone-chilling slow burn with “say more with less” approach and soul-shaking, blood-curdling, skin-crawling and nerve-wracking exercise in persistently looming dread where tension and anxiety permeates every frame as movie reaches its nail-biting, jaw-clenching and paranoia-inducing final climax, free of any cheap gore, cartoonish CGI or infantile jumpscares horror film, please.
-2 |
by Guest-3345
     on 2023-09-12 02:08:51
avatar very meh, and over hyped.
-4 |
by Sailor420 :_trusted_user: :_male: :_sitelover: :_turtle:
     on 2023-09-12 02:36:40
avatar Really? Excellent, very original, best Horror, Thriller, I've seen in awhile.
Thanks 4 the 1080p, a keeper, high 7's for sure.
by Guest-4106
     on 2023-09-14 03:42:26
avatar must be smokin that hop. Don't listen to this fool! This is one of the best horror movies ever made, period. Very little gore or jump scares, but will still terrify you. This is a very good film, and it's the directors' debut project. Can't wait to see what else they cook up.
by Eimarmeni
     on 2023-09-16 18:48:31
avatar I agree with you. Just saw it and it was boring with characters that you don't care if they live or die. Also cliche to the last bit and a waste of time.  I can see that the intentions were good. The story is more original than a cabin in the woods and a slasher is not. But that don't make it a good movie.

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